Extra Questions

General Questions

Yes and we will provide the best customer service.

Do you want to look at the sample first ?
Please call to check availability before stopping by as we dont keep too many samples here.
Samples may take 48 hours or more to arrive in myT shop.

Do you need help placing an order?
If you would like to stop by, please call us to set up an appointment and we can assist in processing your order.

Do you need help with your design and artwork?
Dont hesitate to make an appointment with myT salesperson. Typically, design requests are processed in the order they are received so it may take 2-3 days to receive a design mock up after the appointment. It would be great if you are able to scan an image and email it to us too.
The email confirmation that is sent immediately after an order is processed. Please check your spam folder to see if the email confirmation in there. If you still do not see your email confirmation, please contact us and we can resend it.
Most of our customers rest assured knowing that in addition to seeing a design confirmation email, multiple designer review every order.

If you are ordering a very large number of shirts and require a sample before printing, we have a few options that may be able to help.

1) Blank product - You can purchase a blank product to make sure your printed products are exactly what you want.

2) Digital print sample - This sample would be using our digital print process, . This is the cost effective way to get a shirt printed with your custom design. However, if you place a very large order later on, your new order may be printed with Screen Printing, which has a different look and feel. This is a good option if you are just trying to sell your “idea” like If you need your sample to be EXACT before you place your order. The cost for digital print sample is same as the selling price of digital print sample.

3) One screen printed sample - The cost for this option starts at RM 80 per 1 colour printing + item price. If you choose this option and then later place a larger order, we can deduct part of your sample purchase toward the new larger order. The calculation of sample deduction is price of each larger order + RM 20 printing charge per colour. Example, you order 100 pcs of t shirt with colour printing with RM 10 each , the sample credit is RM 10+ RM 20= RM 30. If  the initial sample u paid was RM 90, the sample deduction toward the larger order is RM 60. Please check and make changes (size, position, structure, and spelling) during the design confirmation stage because once the sample has been made, only printing colour could be changed while the standard charges will be charged for any changes.Please note the charges exclude other costs such as delivery and designing fee.

4) One printed sample (Embroidery, button badges, others and promotional products) - The cost for the sample is same as the price of 1 pc of the printed product.Please note the charges exclude other costs such as digitizing fee, delivery and designing fee.

Making the sample is as complex as making the larger order and the production work are same for both. The policy and charges for the sample may change from time to time depending on your specific order.Please contact us for if you need more info, thank you.
There are hundreds of thousands of products.

myT tries to keep the options simple by displaying a over 100 choices, so we don’t overwhelm our customers with choices.

We realize that you might have something else in mind, so we can definitely help if you need a product we don’t show on our site. Please contact us with a style number or picture of what you are looking for, and we can help with pricing and design.
Yes you can buy blank products with no print.

If you need the blank products in wholesale and looking for discount, we are happy to quote you the best price.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
It depends. Each order we processed was completely unique, created one and only in the world just for you.

Each order goes through a lot of work – processing in customer service, designs review and output in the design department, sorting in our warehouse, printing one by one in production, and processed for delivery/ collection in 14 days or less.

We give 100% commitment in your order and when you receive it, you will think it is well worth the price for a one and only!
There are many companies out there, and you may find a price that is lower than ours.

In order to request a price match, please contact us and attach the valid quote you received.
Yes, however, we will count it as separate orders and price it according to the quantity as it doubles the production time and cost.

We would recommend only getting one size of design or ordering larger size for children as it is more cost effective.

If you need consultation about your design, size, price or budget, please contact us.