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Custom made polo shirts with embroidery service your own logo for corporate wear, uniforms, government wear and casual for all events.

Polo Custom made with Free logo embroidery

What is Embroidery on Custom Polo Shirts?

Embroidery is one of the best customization method of apparel. It’s a process where thread is stitched onto an apparel products such as polo shirts.  
It used to be applied by hand but can now be stitched by high technology automatic embroidery machines.  

What is the Value of Embroidery ? 

Based on our 15 years records, embroidery is one of the most preferred methods of branding for corporate work wear.   
Any logo design will looks professional and obviously noticeable immediately athe embroidery adds value and perspective to most type of clothing.

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Embroidery Samples for Custom Polo Shirts

The Benefits of Custom Polo Shirts Embroidery

1.    Professional Appearance

Appearing as a front image, uniforms can create an appearance worthy of your company branding; polo shirts showing a level of professionalism.

Making a quality custom made polo  will also help to give a great impression with your customers and further improving sales.

2.    Identity

Identity is must be unique to any kind of business. Polo shirts give your employees a strong appearance of unique identity; after working hour they create public brand awareness, providing an alternative advertising  channel to promote your brand or company. Adding the individual names of each employee creates a more personal appearance with the client.

3.    Long-Lasting

One third of our time will be spent at workplace, so its  require our  workwear will need washing on a regular cycle; embroidered polo shirts can withstand repeated laundering. This also means worth value for money, as the company won’t have spend budget on new uniforms from time to time.

4.    Improved Employee Spirit

Employees feel they are important in a team which inspires them to bond with one another; embroidered polo shirts see everyone on the same level, reducing the low self esteem felt by employees serving in positions of different level. You can also increase the morale in your responsible and good employees by providing them with good quality work uniforms.

Since uniforms show your brand image, employees will tend to improve the company image by becoming more responsible of their words and actions.

5. Embroidery On Most Apparel Materials.

You can do embroidery not only on textile but also on bags, towels, overall, jacket, varsity jacket, hoodie, vest, towel,  robes, dress, polo shirts and many more.

Embroidery can be done on most apparel materials such as leather, polyester, nylon, cotton and synthetics.

Why Choose myT  ?
1. Reliable Delivery Time

We do not over promise our delivery time as to ensure high quality custom made products with good quality control,  stock management and production management it takes around 7 to 14 days to finish a ready made order.

However, we do provide rush order service which as fast as 1 day to 6 days. You may check with our salesperson for the availability.

2. No minimum

We accept single embroidery service order as low as 1 pcs to 1 million pcs. All you need to do is to provide us your details such as logo or text and the item type or code and we will do the rest, from production to delivery.

3. Great Customer Service

Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and enquiries to assist you for getting the best and high quality products. We treat all customers as valuable and important person for our company. Polo shirts is very important to both of you and us.

4. Quality products with High Level Quality Control

Despite many apparel brands, different type of material and variation of cost in the market, we only provide the best products for our customer. Every single items will passed through a quality control process from the beginning of order until the end of process and we will make sure the product in good condition before deliver to our customer. However, in any unforeseeable circumstances, we do provide return policy. 

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